A sentence ?

A sentence ?

Was talking with my husband the other day, with lots of things going on. These words came out of my mouth and I thought I would write about it.

“I was sentenced when I was 3 years old and I live with that sentence every day”

We talk about the sentences for these paedophiles, these minimal sentences that mean nothing, people who abuse dogs get longer “sentences”.  DOGS, thinks about that !

But nobody ever thinks of the victims, people like me who are doing well in life, now, like right now at this moment, but as you know these moments pass and in a few moments I may not be doing well, I may be triggered by something, I may have a flash back, someone smoking a cigarette might walk past me etc…

We were sentenced as innocent children, and we live with this throughout our lives, weather we are executives or people struggling to make ends meet.  Many people think that if you are doing well in life that what happened to you as a child doesn’t really matter anymore, but it does, it’s formed you, it’s made you who you are today.  Is it who you are ? NO

Society tends to focus on the downtrodden, those who are visibly struggling.  Even if I’m not one of those people I do have my struggles and they are real.  I truly feel for the people who have suffered as I have and are walking down a very different path than I.  I wish there was more I could do for them, to help them rise up, soar to their greatest potential and show those criminals that they can’t and won’t have a hold on us.

The next time someone talks about the sentencing of a child abuser, the next time a Judge hears a case of child abuse, they should really think about the sentence these horrible individuals have imposed on innocent children.  It’s a lifetime sentence of pain, reminders, mental health issues etc… a sentence we never deserved.


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