Telling friends is heartwarming

Ok, so I told my very most important friends, my BFF (FOR LIFE), and some other lucky friends of mine that I feel most worthy of sharing such life altering news.  In case I’ve never written about her, my BFF, she is my one and only – GOD I LOVE HER !
She is my rock, she’s ALWAYS been there for me, she will cry with me, laugh with me, I love her with all my heart and soul and I could not imagine life without her in it !!!
She’s funny, crazy, dittzy (is that how it’s written?) ps. she’s a grammar nut, oh and thrifty …. if she ever reads this she’ll be laughing her head off and she’ll know exactly who she is.  People, friends like that don’t come by often, if you EVER get a chance at a friendship like ours, hold on tight and NEVER EVER let go.
ANYHOW, I could probably go on forever about that one – she’s worthy of a whole blog herself.
No surprise, ALL my friends were over the moon for me, sharing my joy, my happiness – that’s what friends are for … right. RIGHT
Telling them about my amazing new was easy and wonderful, I got tears of JOY, hugs of happiness and encouragement, words and words of nothing but positivity.  THIS IS A GOOD THING !
Truly heartwarming to feel the love your friends have for you, the happiness they can exude when they are truly overjoyed for you is priceless.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends !!!!

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