Sentencing day

Today is the day.

Today he gets sentenced for child pornography.  I need to remember this fact. 

It’s child pornography charges not the abuse.

However I  still feel like it’s for me, after all these years he’s finally getting sentenced for what he put me through. 

For taking my childhood, for taking advantage of the love of a little girl, for destroying his family, his children, for changing who I should be.

He shaped the person I am today, my fears, my anxieties, triggers, the PTSD I deal with every day of my life.

He shaped the relationship between my siblings and I, between my mother and I.

He’s responsible for the hyper vigilance stance I take for anything that has to do with my children and close friends.

He’s responsible for my nightmares, my sense of self, he completely destroyed ME.

I’m rebuilding, one day at a time, reforming the tought patterns he took years to form, breaking the person he turned me into!!!!!!

How I would love to be in that court room to see them take him into custody. One less pedophile taken off the streets, finally paying for his crimes.

Soar inspire love

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