A little word on respect.
Sitting amongst peers the other night, someone chimed in and said “once you lose respect for yourself, you then lose respect for the other”.
I got home and pondered that phrase for a long while….
How often does that ring true ?
If we had only walked away from the conversation, walked away period ect…
If we don’t speak up, stand up for ourselves, if we don’t have enough love or respect for ourselves to speak up when something is not in line with our values, beliefs, happiness, then we disrespect OURSELVES and then in turn lose respect for the other person.
Often we blame that other person for making us mad, or getting us in a foul mood.¬† We need to see that it’s not really their fault, if we had just stopped the conversation and respected ourselves enough to speak up then we would not have lost respect for that other person.
Respect yourself !

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