The happiness group


I found this idea the other day and thought it was MAGNIFICENT !!
What a great idea to form a happiness group.
We all have issues, we all have worries, sadness, sorrow, frustration ect…
There are so many groups for depression, addicts, abuse ect…
Why not have a group for happiness ??
One day a month, one evening a month to get together in happiness and love. To speak about what makes us smile, makes our hearts well up with love.  An evening to focus on bringing more love and happiness to our lives and the lives of those who surround us.
If you know me, you know I’ve done my research.  For those who don’t know me, I’m a very analytical person by nature and I just love research, I research the crap our of anything I’m curious and passionate about.
Once a month come together to speak about happiness, what makes us happy, what books inspire our happiness, practices that bring about happiness, quotes, exercises.
As you walk into this group, leave your worries, sorrow, addictions, judgements at the door.  This evening is about happiness.  I do not want anyone speaking about their misery or misfortunes, I want to focus on love and moving forward in happiness.
Bring your smile, a happy heart, and get ready to share your happiness with all of us.
6PM to 8PM on the 8th of every month.
Message me for location.
Adults only
Together I hope we can soar to our greatest potential, inspire others on the way and live abundantly in love

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