I love myself beyond words and thus I know how to truly love another. I’m grateful for everything I’ve been through as it has brought me to this point. I’m thankful for the life I live.

I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

I’m a survivor of rape.

I’m a forgiving soul.

I have PTSD and functional amnesia.

I am married to my best friend a man who has endured the worst in me and still has so much love for me.

We have two beautiful children. A son, although not his biological child, he loves him as his own.  And a beautiful little girl. Oh.. we also have a family pooch. 

My family is compromised of amazing people, all loved and deserving of love.  Some are lost souls, drug abusers, pedophiles … criminals.

This blog is about my journey, through trauma, forgiveness, survival and love.

I hope my blog helps you to soar in your journey, inspire others and love ♡



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